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Weatherbird is a cartoon featured daily on the front page of the Post-Dispatch.

Weatherbird's 111th birthday

Started on February 11, 1901, Weatherbird is the oldest continually running daily cartoon in America.


Weatherbird was created by Harry B. Martin after he saw a humorous picture of baby birds with thier mouthes wide open. He developed the Weatherbird over the next two months, adding humanlike touches to the bird. Weatherbird was first featured in the Post-Dispatch on February 11, 1901, and was origionally called 'Little Dickey Bird". Weatherbird celebrated his 100th birthday in 2001.


Over 114 years, the Weatherbird has been drawn by six different people:

Weatherbird's Appearance[]



When Weatherbird was first in the papers, he was only black and white, and looked more like a bird with his tail and wings. He had thin, black legs with yellow rings. When Oscar Chopin started drawing the Weatherbird in 1903, he started drawing Weatherbird wearing a bowtie and more clothes. Amadee's Weatherbird's usually wore a suit with a cigar. He was first colored in the 80's, when Albert Schweitzer was drawing him. He gave him pink feathers, even though he appeared to be brown or black before. Weatherbirdwears pointy, creased pants. He always wore large shoes and a straw hat, but stopped smoking his cigars in the 90's. Between his eyes Weatherbird has hatchmarks criscrossing his forehead.

Weatherbirds usual attire.

Current Appearance[]

Weatherbird's current appearance has developed over many years. Now Weatherbird is a wingless, pink bird. He is usually shown the size of a normal human. His most common attire is a nice blue or white dress shirt, a red bowtie, and khaki or brown pants. Often Weatherbird wears brown or black dress shoes. He has big round eyes and thick eyebrows. A bigger list of 2011 Weatherbirds can be viewed here.