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The first Weatherbird, published Febuary 11, 1901.

Harry" B. Martin was an artist at the Post-Dispatch since 1897 and the creator of Weatherbird. He is quoted as saying it "was a creature of accident more than design or serious thought." He got the idea for Weatherbird when he was on a train coming home from Montana in December 1900 and saw a humorous picture in a magazine of "some very young chicks with their mouth wide open". He started drawing the bird before he decided to make it about the weather. He started sketching and added human touches to the bird. Martin developed the Weatherbird over the next two months. When the Weatherbird first appeared in the newspaper on February 11, 1901, the temperatures were in the 20's and ice jammed into the supports on Eads Bridge and was stopping the Mississippi River shipment, which was inportant to the US at the time, so that's what he drew the Weatherbird about. At first the Weatherbird was just an illistration, but later Martin added lines now known as 'Birdlines'. He even made a comic about Weatherbird. In 1903, Martin left to a paper in New York, and died on April 15, 1959.